I am an Senior IT consultant ( 13 Years ) with very in depth knowledge on Linux systems and opensource technologies, but also a good view on business process. 

I hold RedHat Certification has a Engineer and extensive knowledge on Linux systems including security, storage, availability and applications.

I run Liber4e.com has my freelance company using it to provide consulting and training services. 

Liber4e holds a RedHat Ready Partner Partner agreement with Redhat allowing access to RedHat offers.

My educational background is from Business Management but started working in IT, first on Project Mng and Pre-Sales Support and after went more hands-on with Linux. 

This mixed profile gives me a better view on the business process, requirements, projects as opposed to pure tech view, allows me to easily step back and have a better analysis.

I'm a self learner and gained extensive knowledge on Unix systems through work experience, also have a good analysis capacity which allows me to understand quick the customers IT environment.

Have worked in major institutions in Europe on Linux based projects, check my work done section.


Jose Nuno Neto
linux mysql
apache php