Freelance Missions

Some description of my freelance missions done so far

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I was hired for this role to provide linux clustering knowledge to the unix team. I spent initial 6months designing, testing, documenting the new cluster systems. Next period provided some training to the team, and worked on other running projects, including upgrade of satellite server, testing of virtualization/cloud computing and live OS migration with KVM, and automation/optimization of the build process with kickstart. Work is performed under ITIL enviroment.
RedHat 4|5, Redhat cluster suite, Oracle,perl,c, iscsi, san storage, multipath,lvm, RedHat Satellite, Sybase ASE,MySQL,Apache,NetBackup,Mq Series,Mercator, HPC, cobbler,puppet, jboss
Systems / Services to manage ::: OS: Linux RedHat / Ubuntu +/- 100

Was hired to provide Linux performance tuning/monitoring knowledge for the Technical Testing Team
Environment is based on Linux, WebLogic,Oracle and several legacy banking applications ( C, Cobol )
Executed Performance Acceptance test, using schedulers ( UC4 ) and scripts. Installed and deployed several releases of software.
Automated some steps of the performance testing through bash scripts and created a performance output tool to easy the analisis on Linux systems



Member of the Unix team providing support and project work for all unix systems of the European Commission (+2000 servers Solaris / Linux / PROD / DEV )
Project work: upgrade of the configuration management tool cfengine including a new architecture design and rollout plan
Redhat Linux 5.4 / 5.8
Solaris 9 10 / Solaris Zones
Sun Cluster
Veritas vxfs
Legato Networker backup
Cfengine 3 / SVN
HeartBeat / KVM / pacemaker
perl scripting


I was hired has a Linux specialist to be part of the team conducting acceptance tests/checking on a very large datacenter migration with +200 linux servers being moved to dhl prague datacenter. I perform systems audit,created some automation tools for the work, and participate on regular meetings

HP ProLiant DL580 G4, HP StorageWorks, Veritas, RedHat Linux 4 | 5, Run bash script


Was hired has part of the Unix team
Assigned to Communications Data Mediation Project involving design of Systems to capture and hold email trafic metadata

Solaris systems administration
MySQL Admin
Bash / AWK / Perl scripting

.Develop and manage test environment systems for billing / provisioning systems
windows systems administration
Linux / ubuntu systems administration
Selenium Test server

Sun Servers

.Mediation platform development for communications record/tracking
.Development of script/software for automate data mediation
.Develop test framework for web applications in PHP / Selenium / Jmeter
.Systems Administration on the working servers Windows/Solaris/Linux
.Cacti monitoring software administration


RedHat JBoss middleware software training session
Created a custom training session for a 2hour introduction to JBoss EAP, including a overview on the software and demo of the most common operations, start/stop, deploy/undeploy apps, manage servers or group of servers under a domain



I was hired to perform the migration of services from old redhat systems to a vmware based solution. I was responsible for all redhat/linux work and gave inputs to the vmware design team.
Service to be migrated was a large web site with medium traffic editus.lu

HP hardware with virtual OS VMWARE
RedHat RHEL 5 x6 + Windows
apache web server setup, reverse proxy setup, dns server, postfix


On this role I was part of a remote support team from HP that provided systems administration services to several customers among them, one large cable tv operator with very complex systems.
I was hired to provide Linux high level knowledge and training to the Unix team.

Main Customers:
ZON :: ISP leader in Portugal ( www.zon.pt): +/- 100 Unix/Linux Servers
SonaeSierra www.sonaesierra.com : Real Estate :+/- 30 Servers: Linux / HP-UX
GCT gcp.pt Retail Chain +/- 30 Servers:: Linux / HP-UX Servers

HP–UX 11.11 - 11.23, Solaris 9,Linux Suse,RedHat,Oracle Linux, Oracle DB, Sigma,SAP,VOIP,TIBCO,Siebel, Oracle Cluster, HP Service Guard Cluster,RedHat Cluster Suite, SAP, MySQL, DNS, LDAP, qmail servers, VmWare ESX, Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Storage and Backups, HP SAN EVA STORAGE, HP OpenView, HP Service Guard, HP Service Desk ,HPC

Major Tasks
Unix Administration Team
Provide UNIX / Linux OS support to HP clients systems, troubleshoot issues,
Build new systems, install/configure software, manage access / security
Design Cluster / Applications / Architecture for new systems
MySQL tunning, hot backup setup, clustering setup
24/7 Environment, OnCall support shifts
automation and scripting for administration tasks with bash, perl
Manage Storage on HP EVA and Veritas

Jose Nuno Neto
linux mysql
apache php